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Favorite Anime Characters: Itsuki  Minami.

  King of the Sky.

"Do you ever just get… Tired? Not exhausted or sleepy but…” I wasn’t sure how to properly word the feeling. I looked around, scanned the faces around our table, and listened to the garbled sea of chatter. “Do you ever feel like your emotions are tired? Like something in your heart just wants to put up a wall and stop feeling because it’s tired of feeling so much?"

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Make Enemies & Gain Fans

Snask is a branding, design and film agency based in the heart of Stockholm. They are young, successful, bold, edgy and self-confident. They challenge the design industry by doing things differently. And that inspires and attracts, because if you combine young, successful, bold, edgy and self-confident, you get something people like or even want to become themselves.Get the book here

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10 Valentine’s Fonts + 3 packs of icons and doodles.

Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to enjoy some script and hand made fonts, if you don’t have any idea of what are the proper fonts to use in your project. Here are 10 of the best fonts to use in this Valentine’s Day and almost every of this font have up to 50% discounts. Click in the name of everyone to see every lovely detail:

  1. Trend Hand Made.
  2. Love Story (including cute dingbats.)
  3. Wishes Script.
  4. Ondise
  5. Parfumerie Script Pro
  6. Romeo
  7. Ella FY
  8. Dulce Pro
  9. Carlino
  10. Australia Pro Swash

If aren’t looking for fonts but something more cute like illustrations, little icons, ornaments, frames here are 3 packs of the best icons (in opentype forma) that you can use:

If you want to see more fonts and lettering follow Betype:

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Dawn Giant and Winter Giant by Matthew Griffin

Prints available at BigCartel

Artist: Behance / Website